An integrative health coach facilitates and empowers clients to achieve self-determined health and wellness goals. We use our knowledge and skills to help you summon your inner strength and utilize existing resources to make positive and lasting lifestyle changes. Here are just some of the ways you may benefit:

  • Enjoy a more stress-free life
  • Enhance your mind-body well-being
  • Learn to incorporate balance into your life for optimal health and wellness
  • Cultivate inner understanding and peace.

An integrative health coach views you not as flabby, skinny or sick, but as someone who is intrinsically healthy and capable of making the choices to remain that way. Even small changes we recommend can further your health goals. The partnership we engage in together is non-judgmental and mutually respectful. It will empower you to face challenges head on and overcome them. An integrative health coach asks powerful questions to shift your perspective and motivate you to do what you need to do to achieve complete wellness – on YOUR terms.

This will depend on whether you purchase one-on-one, or online integrative health coaching. You may learn more about each by navigating to the Clients section on the top of each page.
Because each client has different needs, goals and timelines, a one-on-one consultation is required before a specific quote can be determined. Book your consultation now.
You can use body fat calipers to measure your skinfolds and make a fairly decent calculation as to how much subcutaneous (under the skin) fat you have. We can help you make these calculations more reliable and accurate when we get a complete picture of your current age and health profile. The reason to invest in body fat calipers is to monitor your progress accurately over time. Good quality calipers are readily available on or eBay for between $12 and $25.
We create your personalized nutrition BluePrint together based on Precision Nutrition guidelines. And because it takes your lifestyle, food preferences and eating habits into account, you should find it easy to shop for, implement and commit to. Using the latest integrative health coaching methods, Derek will assess your body type, activity level and daily caloric intake and explain clearly how these correlate to your ultimate goals.

Following the BluePrint will help you achieve the very best results in the shortest period of time. You’ll get a customized food prep grocery list and a daily meal-by-meal eating plan with the exact foods to eat in the right amounts – all plotted and mapped out specifically for your body type and your fitness goals. And if you prefer to stay out of the kitchen, LifeUP Integrative Health Coaching offers a Get-Out-of-Cooking Food Prep Grocery List. Still can’t get to the grocery store? We’ll even create a plan around the restaurants you like to patronize!

Functional limitations can potentially impact the way we shift and maintain our body position; run or walk; or lift, handle and carry things. Some people may even have functional limitations they are completely unaware of. Ultimately, these limitations may cause weaknesses, imbalances and instabilities that can impact people’s lives in significant ways, such as getting headaches or feeling pain for no apparent reason. Together with integrative health coaching, correcting these functional limitations can significantly improve a person’s quality of life. The Functional Movement Screen provides an indicator of people’s movement capabilities and lays a strong foundation for improvement. In fact, did you know studies have shown that firefighters who failed the Functional Movement Screen test generated more than 70% of related insurance claims, as opposed to those who passed it?

While it is true that integrative health coaches with similar certifications can also identify movement deficiencies, only an FMS coach is properly trained to employ the same language that physical therapists, doctors and other health professionals uniformly use. You can potentially see the benefit in that – should you encounter a problem for which you need to seek medical advice. Functional Screen Certified coaches can even offer corrective exercises for people to do at home on their own – saving them the expense of hiring a personal trainer. Please ask any integrative health coach you consider hiring whether they are Functional Screen Certified.

Success with any integrative health coach truly depends on having a strong foundation to guide you. Besides being triple certified in strength and conditioning, precision nutrition and functional screening, what separates Derek from other integrative health coaches is that you get access to your own personalized LifeUP App, tailored specifically to your personal goals, lifestyle and life circumstances. It makes no difference whether you’re seeking physical, emotional or mental transformation… body, mind and heart work in tandem toward your overall transformation goals.

When your integrative health coach has a system in place for you to measure progress in every aspect of change you seek, it is far more likely you will stick to your plan for transformation––especially on days when you get outside of your everyday routine. In fact, the best integrative health coach will go far beyond exercise and nutrition as he or she guides you. Consulting LifeUP Integrative Health Coaching’s simple but unique online monitoring system daily will help to transform your current habits into the positive lifestyle changes that keep you fit and pumped to achieve even greater growth and transformation. But Derek’s work with clients goes far beyond exercise and nutrition. In fact, should you wish it, he can also continually monitor each of the following aspects of your overall health: sleep, hydration, overall happiness and even awareness!

When you work with LifeUP Integrative Health Coaching, we go over your online personalized Blueprint on a regular basis. We take physical measurements, monitor how you have progressed, plan for upcoming trips and potential curveballs, and go over any questions you might have. Using the quantifiable data that our online monitoring system provides, we will soon see the lifestyle trends required to create continual progress in and outside of the gym!

Yes, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. You may read the terms on our Guarantee page.