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Best Integrative Health Coach in LA

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In The Community

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Hello, I’m Derek.


Hi, I’m Derek Opperman, Integrative Health Practitioner. I am here to help you get healthy. Not ‘eat less and exercise more’ advice healthy. I’m talking ‘Oh my God I never knew I could feel and look this good!’ healthy…..Running lab tests to help you discover what’s going on underneath your dysfunction healthy. Nutrition protocols that actually work for you healthy (and discovering what’s pointedly not working for you, too). Detoxifying your body and life healthy Read More…


Derek works with Corporations

Derek conducted a four week intensive Healthy Habits training with Baker Hughes (NYSE: BKR) and helped improve participants’ overall health and productivity. At the end of the program, we found:

68% employee completion rate (over triple the national average of typical corporate health programs).
6,000+ healthy habits documented with LifeUP’s behavior tracking software.
33% of participants tracked two or more new healthy habits per day throughout the entire intensive.


Derek works with Individuals

Our services seek to help individuals discover what’s most important and impactful to them, and work from there. In our individual coaching programs, we help you:

Establish goals and set timelines to achieve them.
Create rock-solid health and lifestyle routines that generate results.
Address gut and digestive dysfunction.
Develop, implement and track nutrition plans that are designed for the individual.
Design a tailored and progressive exercise program in-person or virtually.
Discover the root causes of your symptoms and dysfunctions with functional medicine lab testing.
Determine the most effective supplement protocols for your individual needs.


Derek runs in-person and virtual Workshops

Workshops are hands-on and experiential, so come ready to participate! Workshop includes:

Healthy Habit Packet – your customized lifestyle guidebook.
Hands-on experiential learning practices within each of the nine pillars of health.
Custom grocery shopping lists, and how to read food and supplement labels.
Supplement protocols to optimize your health.
Exclusive content for participants.


Derek works in the Community

Derek’s highest pride is in transforming people’s lives every day. He loves giving back to his local community.

Derek always seeks to give back, and has been an active donor of time and resources to homeless, youth, and independent journalism initiatives in the Los Angeles area.
Derek aims to deliver his message of health and self-care to all. If you’d like Derek to speak at an upcoming event for your school or non-profit, please reach out and let’s talk.


Are you interested in integrative health coaching? Would you prefer talking with Derek to ensure he’s the right coach for you? When you click the button below, you will be able to easily book your complimentary phone consultation.

Derek’s new ebook is
now available

9 steps to LifeUp your health

For the most part, the mainstream media has boiled health down to a simple equation: Eat less + exercise more = Results. Wouldn’t it be great if it were that simple?

Ladies and gentlemen, I am here to say there is more available to you than that! Download my free ebook, ‘The Nine Steps to LifeUP Your Health’ now and get insights into the truly transformative practices that yield lasting change.

Online Integrative Health Coaching in LA

health coach near me Our Members Get Results
Edwin U. has more motivation and more focus
Prior to LifeUp, I found myself falling in and out of different coaching programs, causing my weight to yo-yo constantly. I was frustrated because I wouldn’t see the results I wanted despite my efforts. I felt hopeless.

This program has been amazing because Derek has always been on top of my workout plan, dietary/nutritional plan, and overall motivation. He showed me how to prepare food properly and even gave me some solutions to accommodate my work schedule. Now, I have to say that I have never felt better! I love working with Derek because he cares about his clients, and can't wait to discover what we build in the future!
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Philip G. got fit and a better body
Before Derek and LifeUP I was unable to get my body to respond as it did 5 years prior. I was working a lot, wanted to get on a consistent program and needed guidance on how to do it and maintain it. I wasn't feeling physically fit and it was wearing on me emotionally. I also had shoulder injuries, making my upper body goals more difficult to achieve. Thanks to Derek and his superior guidance, I got on a consistent schedule and found someone who listened to how I felt. I achieved all the goals we aimed for; the progress made was addicting and satisfying!
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Rich C. saw the results he wanted
I have been working with Derek/LifeUp for several years now. Before working with him I had several other coaches, but never really saw the results I wanted. Derek's a true standout and leader in the crowded health and fitness arena.
He takes the time to explain exactly the what, why, and how for each aspect of my health program.
I know if I ever feel down or am struggling, Derek is right there to lift me up and get me back on track. Even in our virtual world, our sessions are just as engaging as if we were in person. I feel healthier and happier than ever thanks to Derek!

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