about-derekDerek has developed a breakthrough integrative health coaching system with your very own online membership portal to keep you connected and on track from day one. His accountability metrics and the personalized BluePrint system truly single out Derek’s services and make him LA’s best integrative health coach. The ability he provides you to accurately measure your daily progress will make all the difference to obtaining the results you desire. All clients at LifeUP Integrative Health Coaching get 100% support. To help accomplish this, you will begin by taking a short online pre-qualification evaluation that tells Derek important things about you, including where you want to see yourself in a month, 90 days and a year. Your personalized BluePrint is a simple, yet comprehensive guide that covers all aspects necessary to achieve a healthier, happier, confident version of YOU. It is an effective tool that helps us both to monitor your progress and remind you of why you sought out an integrative health coach in the first place. Your online portal is how we connect.

Let Derek Precisely Tailor Your LifeUP BluePrint
via your own online membership portal to
YOUR goals, lifestyle and circumstances.


If you work with LifeUP Integrative Health Coaching, we will go over your personalized BluePrint on a regular basis. We’ll take physical measurements; monitor how you have progressed; plan for upcoming trips and potential curveballs; and go over any questions you might have. Using the quantifiable data that our simple 100% online daily progress monitoring system provides, we will soon see the lifestyle trends required to create continual progress in and outside of the gym! Many clients say there is nothing more satisfying than contrasting the way they look and feel today with the way they looked and felt when they first began to implement their personalized BluePrint.

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