I had a series of injuries that really stalled me out physically at a critical age (50) where staying in shape is essential. After struggling for a few years (prior to meeting Derek) in physical therapy, I now feel much better, much more “sure-footed,” and feel like I move through the rest of my day with more assurance. Everything about working with Derek has been a unique experience. He watches, listens, adapts, and challenges me like no one ever has. I would recommend Derek unconditionally because he is the best trainer I’ve ever had.

Jeff Yarbrough, 54Real Estate Agent, LA Lux Group

‘Combining my no complex carb diet with 8000-10000 steps a day has got my weight down to 75 kg and blood sugar down to 5.2%. Really awesome. I was 92.5kg 16 months ago with my blood sugar level at 6.5% (borderline diabetes).’
Jude N.

Jude Ngwaou

‘I enjoy a daily challenge, so this program works well for me. I find myself making better choices knowing I’ve made a commitment that others know about… I’m already expecting to carry some of my habits forward as I’m recognizing how easy it is to drink more water and how little I enjoy sugar when I do indulge in it! Also I like reframing a dog walk as a meditation walk!’
Noah S.

Noah Scalin