What is Trainerize?

As more and more people get online, they discover they no longer need to confine their workouts to a gym. Trainerize, a ground-breaking new software platform, enables clients to interact with their integrative health coach at any time and in any place they both agree upon. Trainerize makes it possible for Derek to care for his clients either partly or entirely online. It saves resources and time for you both, as it eliminates the hassles of planning, managing and scheduling. This allows Derek to focus on the things he loves to do best: keeping his clients fit, happy and motivated to succeed. You can use Trainerize to supplement one-on-one integrative health coaching (requires extra fee) or as an exclusively online client. You could say it’s almost like having Derek right in the room with you to monitor your progress!

Do you want a personalized blueprint?
Check out Trainerize.

Personalized Blueprint