As a one-on-one client, you should definitely feel empowered and exceptional. At LifeUP Integrative Health Coaching, Derek strives to get you feeling this way before, during, and after each session.

Derek’s clients see him as a judgment-free integrative health coach who actively listens to your needs – someone you can trust and relax with. Indeed, he motivates many people by helping them see how positive and lasting lifestyle changes are not only possible – but inevitable when we create your personalized online LifeUP Blueprint that’s easy to stick to because we create it with YOU in mind.

You Are An Exceptional Individual And We Want

You To Feel Convinced Of Your Powers To Transform

–Every Time We Meet.


What to Expect At Your First Session

Prior to your first session, we will provide you with the following forms to fill out and return:

  • Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q)
  • Readiness for Change Questionnaire
  • Social Support Questionnaire
  • Medical History and Present Condition Questionnaire

Your first session will cover the following:

20-minute introduction to your personal training portal, including:

  • Daily checklist
  • Grocery and food prep lists
  • Daily nutrition chart
  • Customized cardio program
  • Tri-weekly measurements & meeting

Brief introduction to Trainerize (Learn more about Trainerize HERE)

  • 20-minute complete Functional Movement Screen
  • 10 minutes addressing any dysfunctions in progressive warm-up
  • 10 minutes familiarizing you with cardiovascular training by completing two mini-circuits:
  • MITT (medium intensity interval training)
  • HITT (high intensity interval training).

Subsequent sessions will include periodic checkups of information covered in the first session in order to ensure continuous progress.

Each time you hit a 90-day goal, Derek takes great pride in donating to either Playground of Dreams or The L.A. Youth Network in your name!