Participating in numerous physique competitions taught Derek the importance of nutritional discipline. It also taught him how food preparation is the most effective (and economical!) way to control food intake.Again, LifeUP is about far more than personal training. As an integrative health coach, Derek delves heavily into research and books on ways to identify the everyday patterns that influence our lives for better or worse.

Should you choose to work with LifeUP, together, we’ll create your personal nutrition blueprint – a customized food plan based on Precision Nutrition guidelines. And because it takes your lifestyle, food preferences and eating habits into account, you should find it easy to shop for, implement and commit to. Derek will identify your body type, activity level and daily caloric intake and explain clearly how these correlate to your ultimate goals.

Following this blueprint will help you achieve the very best results in the shortest period of time. You’ll get a customized food prep grocery list and a daily meal-by-meal eating plan with the exact foods to eat in the right amounts – all plotted and mapped out specifically for your body type and your fitness goals. And if you prefer to stay out of the kitchen, LifeUP offers a Get-Out-of-Cooking Food Prep Grocery List. Still can’t get to the grocery store? We’ll even create a plan around the restaurants you like to patronize!

LifeUP completely customizes your diet and training program for peak results in physical transformation.


Derek will consult with you regularly, monitor your progress, answer your questions, and strategically cycle your training and nutrition program along the way to ensure that you make solid measurable progress from week to week. Is your current diet and lifestyle supporting you? Find out now.