If you are new to Integrative Health Coaching, you may wish to explore which of the following services fits your lifestyle best!

Online Coaching

If you travel a lot for work or plan to maintain your progress during a vacation, online integrative health coaching may fit you well. Beyond your personalized online membership portal, you and Derek can communicate in whichever way you are most comfortable. That way, you can relax knowing he will be with you to help you achieve your vision and goals for transformation – even when you are far away from home. See our Online Coaching Page to learn more.

One-on-One Coaching

As the name implies, one on one training with Derek involves in-person attention in order to achieve your health goals with close cooperation and the kind of detailed instruction that happens when Derek is there in person to guide, instruct and inspire. Derek’s clients see him as a judgment-free coach who actively listens to your needs – someone you can trust and relax with. Indeed, he motivates many people by helping them see how positive and lasting lifestyle changes are not only possible – but inevitable when we create your personalized online LifeUP Blueprint that’s easy to stick to because we create it with YOU in mind. Learn more on our One-on-One Coaching Page.