Whether we want to increase athletic performance or simply complete everyday tasks with ease, balance and coordination play a pivotal part. To improve both balance and coordination requires strong muscle control and quick neural firing. The best integrative health coach can help you improve each of these.

What is Balance?

Balance, put simply, is how well you are able to maintain a bodily position against the pressure of opposing movement. Balancing well depends on having strong core muscles and adequate mobility. To balance, your body needs to call on a number of skills – both conscious and automatic. In order to achieve equilibrium, your body parts need to modify their positions relative to each other, and your muscles and nervous system must fire quickly to maintain these positions. As you can see, our brains and bodies must interrelate in extremely complex ways to achieve balance. Balance training helps our brains to identify changes in terrain and our muscles to respond accordingly.

What is Coordination?

Loosely put, coordination describes our ability to combine a wide range of physical movements and skills into smooth, useful actions. Coordination requires a mix of balance, timing and dexterity. Think about all it takes to maintain a game of hacky-sack – during which a small team of players keeps a foot sack filled with wheat, rice or beads up in the air. Playing successfully requires speed, dexterity and the ability to respond with little to no preparation.

Why Do They Matter?

Balance and coordination training helps people get through their day with less difficulty and disruption then they might otherwise experience. They fall, drop, spill and trip over things less often and perform tasks that require multi-level coordination with ease and agility. They are less prone to lower back and other injuries, and studies have even shown that people who take part in balancing exercises enjoy greater cognitive gains than those who don’t!

Balance and body coordination describe the efficient and smooth movement patterns that separate those with optimal bodily commands from those who are at risk of unnecessary falls, injuries and mishaps. Basically, you can perform complex movements faster and with fewer risks.

Better balance and coordination helps us perform complex movements faster and with fewer risks.


For those who want to seriously increase strength and muscle size, balance and coordination training will help you to hurdle over those plateaus that you dread. Balance and body coordination training doesn’t make you bigger, but it does enable you to progress to more complex, challenging exercise routines and lifestyle situations.

As a certified strength and conditioning specialist and one of LA’s best integrative health coaches, Derek designs balance and coordination regimens specifically according to your functional strengths and limitations.