As the famous management consultant, educator and author, Peter Drucker once said, “What gets measured gets managed.” The best integrative health coach will have a dependable and systematic method to monitor and confirm your progress daily. Obviously, you should ask any integrative health coach whose services you engage whether they have the technology and systems in place to do this effectively.

When Derek began as a personal trainer, the way he kept track of client metrics was antiquated and rudimentary – basically just paper spreadsheets. As an integrative health coach in LA, his frustration led him to develop a breakthrough online coaching system with your very own online membership portal to stay connected and on track daily. This system truly distinguishes Derek’s services from those of other integrative health coaches. Can you imagine how accurately measuring your progress could help you to obtain the fantastic results you envision?

Derek will precisely tailor a personalized LifeUP
 to your goals, lifestyle and circumstances.


All clients at LifeUP get 100% support. To help accomplish this, we will begin with a short online interview that tells Derek important things about you, including where you want to see yourself in a month, 90 days and a year. From that, he creates your personalized BluePrint – a simple, yet comprehensive guide that covers all aspects necessary to achieve a healthier, happier, confident version of YOU. The LifeUP BluePrint covers all bases, from what to buy at the grocery store for your body type, to how to prepare and account for the day ahead with a simple checklist.

Consulting your personalized BluePrint daily will help to transform your current habits into the positive lifestyle changes that keep you fit and pumped to achieve even greater growth and transformation.

The BluePrint is an effective tool that helps you and Derek to both monitor your progress and remind you of why you sought out integrative health coaching in the first place. But Derek’s work with clients goes far beyond exercise and nutrition. In fact, he can also continually monitor each of the following aspects of your overall health, should you choose: sleep, hydration, overall happiness and awareness!

Many clients say there is nothing more satisfying than contrasting the way they look and feel today with the way they looked and felt when they first began to implement their personalized BluePrint with Derek.

You will get a personalized LifeUP BluePrint tailored precisely to your goals, lifestyle and life circumstances.

If you work with LifeUP Integrative Health Coaching in Los Angeles, we will go over your personalized BluePrint on a regular basis. We’ll take physical measurements; monitor how you have progressed; plan for upcoming trips and potential curveballs; and go over any questions you might have. Using the quantifiable data that our simple 100% online daily progress monitoring system provides, we will soon see the lifestyle trends required to create continual progress in and outside of the gym!

Whatever you feel has held you back before today, we have complete confidence that with the best integrative health coaching you can turn your situation around to begin seeing these benefits and far, far more. Reaching out is up to you. Once you do, we can begin together on your path to transformation. We are here for you. Still not sure? Take our Pre-Qualification Evaluation .