Derek Opperman is an integrative coach, a personal trainer, a business man, and an expert on habit building and implementation for long term success. He has a dedicated calling to go above and beyond the typical personal trainer sets and reps, writing nutrition reports that never get used, and dejected clients who fail to make lasting physical change. He understands that clients need more than that to live a happy life in a body they feel good about. They need to become aware of their habits and patterns to change them. They need a structure of accountability to go for what they want and an integrative health coach who can provide ideas to change their outlook from discouraged to positive.

Participating in numerous physique competitions taught Derek the importance of fitness and nutritional discipline. It also taught him that food preparation is the most effective (and economical!) way to control food intake. Again, LifeUP is about far more than personal training. As an integrative health coach, Derek delves heavily into research and books on ways to identify the everyday patterns that influence our lives for better or worse.

With Derek, you will never hear “it’s my way or the highway!” He will meet you right where you are today – no matter the state of your body or health – knowing that any blueprint you create has to work for the way you envision living your life.

Derek Opperman of LifeUP Integrative Health Coaching in Los Angeles, California (CA) is triple certified in the following areas, meaning you can rest assured of his ability to help you make and sustain improvements:

NSCA-CSCS (National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)

This is one of the most highly regarded certifications which requires a bachelor’s degree or higher to obtain. As an NSCA-CSCS, Derek applies scientific knowledge to improve individual training and performance. He will prescribe individualized Anaerobic (weights, power and explosive movements) and Aerobic (cardiovascular, endurance) exercise programs – as well as organizing and planning your training. When you work with Derek, you can feel confident in his ability to help you make continuous physical progression and prevent injuries.

FMS (Functional Movement Screen)

Derek is fully qualified to screen, rank and grade 7 key movement patterns that are essential to normal bodily functioning. The screening enables him to identify underlying problems you may not even be aware of that may be holding you back from physical progress. These could include:

  • Tightness or weakness in key muscles
  • Movement asymmetries
  • Balance or coordination issues.

Once Derek has identified any areas of weakness, he has a baseline from which to prescribe effective exercises to help restore you to proper movement, build your strength, and competently track your improvements.

Precision Nutrition

This certification provides preliminary knowledge about the science behind macro and micro-nutrients and how these impact people’s different body types. Because Derek is Precision Nutrition certified, he takes an active interest in your life and makes your success job number one. Instead of giving you a tool, diet or “meal plan,” he will help guide you and keep you accountable, no matter what is going on in your life. Instead of providing quick fixes, he will help you traverse the kinds of life events we all inevitably experience while starting a business, dealing with elderly parents, raising a family, or juggling a career. As LA’s best integrative coach, Derek will:

  • Listen to your needs and the things you’d like to accomplish
  • Learn about the way you live
  • Find out the things that matter to you
  • Work with you to develop the type of nutrition and exercise approach that will fit your goals and lifestyle
  • Coach you throughout the process and help you skillfully navigate roadblocks along the way.

There is nothing that would give Derek more satisfaction than helping you develop the kinds of health routines and habits that create a successful and satisfying life.


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